Dawn Frary is an artist, photographer, death doula, wildlife educator, and tarot practitioner based in Iowa. Her work is strongly influenced by nature, mysticism and the occult, folklore, the natural rhythms of life and death, seasonal and lunar cycles, and the subtle energies of the natural landscape.

enjoying a craft beer at the Iowa State Fair

As a photographer, Dawn’s work has appeared on Atlas Obscura, MTV.com, the Travel + Leisure website, Offbeat Bride, Poppytalk, The Film Shooters Collective, Analogue Sunrise, Big River Magazine, Little Village Magazine, and the Official Website for the Villisca Axe Murder House, as well as in a few books, including the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History’s Window to the World.

In 2015 Dawn was featured in Iowa City filmmaker Jason Smith’s experimental documentary “lizmungerphotoclub.”

a clip from “lizmungerphotoclub” – video & edit by Jason Levi Smith

Collaborating with Little Village Magazine’s Creative Services division gave Dawn the opportunity to produce advertorial content for a number of Iowa City businesses, including Short’s Burger & Shine, Buzz Salon, Discerning Eye Optical, Revival, The Broken Spoke, Hotel Vetro, and Joseph’s Steakhouse. Dawn has also worked with the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History, GSpot Hair Design, Bustleworship, the Iowa City Zombie March, as well as various Iowa City recording artists and authors.

Dawn continues to occasionally collaborate with Little Village and other Iowa City folk. She currently offers photographic services to artists, musicians, designers, authors, and couples in the Iowa City area. Contact Dawn for more info.

Since 2006 Dawn has volunteered as a wildlife caretaker, rehabilitator, and educator, working closely with owls, hawks, vultures, and other birds of prey. She is active with Raptology, an Iowa City-based organization independently licensed through the IA DNR and USFWS. Raptology provides educational programs at nature centers, schools, environmental events, and more in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids corridor.

with Gonzo Vulture

A lifelong student of mysticism and the occult, Dawn launched her services as a tarot practitioner in 2018. From October to December 2018, Dawn held several (some sold out!) pop-up events at various businesses in downtown Iowa City — White Rabbit, Revival, and Over the Moon Studio — under the name Folkloracle Tarot & Cartomancy. Visit the Folkloracle website for more info or to book a reading.

Also in 2018, Dawn received certification as a death midwife and (as of January 2019) is working to develop Aurora Mortuorum, a death doula & end-of-life planning service. Passionate about natural green burial, death positivity, and reclaiming the ways in which we care for our dead, Dawn also intends to launch a collective of death workers, artists, writers, musicians, scholars, and other “death enthusiasts” to promote such issues in Iowa.